Fränkel's Kanna (21/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vestila
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 3.79 km
Time: 30:04
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 185
Yes, I can run again, at least in the forest! This was my first attempt to run since the middle of August and even though I had some foot issues in the beginning downhill path section to #1, I had no more serious problems either during or after the run. My running shape was of course completely rubbish, my Garmin watch recorded an average heart rate of 171 (about 91% of my 185 max) even though I barely managed 9 min/km on this very fast course.

The orienteering was mostly quite easy: I might have lost a few seconds to #4 by going direct, the green slop was so dense that it might have been faster to simply run around to the left on the ski track & road. I then hesitated 5+ seconds on #6 because I failed to spot the flag. The only real miss was on #8 where I though I was approaching the control from the right, so when I hit the bottom of the valley instead of the green marsh I had to cut right. Probably 20-30 s time loss.

The orienteering race was the third and last part of the annual military competition between reserve officers from Oslo (NROF) and Göteborg (ROSIG). The course planner had been told to create a B/C course which I think she did very well: As an orienteer I could run direct routes while those with less O experience could take much easier routes around, like from 4 to 5 where many of them went back up to the ski track south of #4, followed that east to the road and took the road and track to the bend about 100 SE of the flag. My direct line was about 3 min faster than the best of the rest and I won the race in 30:04, 13 min faster than #2.

With a good score in the initial pistol event and zero penalties in the map reading exercise I had the best combined score this year, beating both my cousin-in-law Egil (who shoots much better than me) and Henrik, the best Swede who tends to beat me quite often, at least on his home ground in Sweden.
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Fränkel's Kanna (21/09/2019) Fränkel's Kanna (21/09/2019)