Kjentmannstur til KP17 og 19 (27/08/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Damtjern
Organiser: Gunnar Halden
Distance: 11.9 km
Time: 210:37
Average HR: 102
Maximum HR: 159
We were 9 friends gathered for this trip to two of the fixed controls in Nordmarka:

The first stop was just above KP17, the restored remains from a fabulous project from the days timber were transported by floating it down rivers and across lakes. A very wealthy landowner got so pissed off by the tariffs charged by Drammen where a significant part of his timber used to end up, that he constructed "Kjerraten". This was a multi-stage water wheel driven construction that used long chains to drag the logs several km uphill and into Damtjern at the top. From there it could join the timber from the rest of Nordmarka and end up in Oslo instead. The hike to visit this spot was just 300 m each way.

Afterwards we drove up to the top of the hillside, to Damtjern where Kjerraten used to end, and started the hike to KP19. We took a loop route starting left and turning right.

On the way up the map data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority was very good, with just one exception where the path from where we crossed the double power line and over to the road to the north turned out to be pure fiction: There might have been a path there a long time ago, but now it was pretty much completely impossible to see or follow even with GPS tracking on the georeferenced map I had made for the trip.

After the long break at the beautiful control location we hiked back down via an area with many vacation cabins, here the path system was completely misleading south of the power line, but we did find the remains of an old built-up road down through the steepest part.

Statistics: Total time 3:45, hiking time was 5 min both to and from KP 17, 1 hour to KP 19 and 1:15 to find and follow the slightly longer way down again. Total hiking distance was nearly 9 km.
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Kjentmannstur til KP17 og 19 (27/08/2019) Kjentmannstur til KP17 og 19 (27/08/2019)