Night Hawk Men - Team 60 KW Mathisen (10/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grorud
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 6.4 km
Time: 59:21
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 181
To celebrate my brother Knut turning 60, we entered a special family team for this 8-leg relay.

I had been slightly sick for a week and would normally not have started but knew I had to "take one for the family", so I ran the first leg.

I messed up two times, first I lost 45 sec on the 2nd control when I turned back just a few meters before I would have seen it. Much more serious was the parallel mistake to #6 where I suddenly thought I was too far uphill even though I was perfectly on the line. This one cost about 2.5 min!

I also lost a few seconds at the end when I failed to spot the impassable fence just in front of the second-to-the last control.
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Night Hawk Men - Team 60 KW Mathisen (10/08/2019) Night Hawk Men - Team 60 KW Mathisen (10/08/2019)