Stolpejakt with Fredrik - on bike (04/08/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Fredrikstad
Distance: 12.77 km
Time: 90:23
Average HR: 135
Maximum HR: 169
We parked near the south end of the map, just off Isegran and control #53. I had previously visited the 4 controls on the island so we had planned a bike route to grab the remaining 30, starting with #46, 44 & 43 on Kråkerøy, then we doubled back and over the pedestrian bridge to #42 and the rest, edning up with #63 just north of the old Fredrikstad-Kråkerøy bridge. The orienteering consisted of a quick glimpse of the next control, then I put away my cell phone and Fredrik did the same with the paper map before cycling to locate the next marker. We messed up a few places, the worst was in the NW to #45 where we first climbed up the wrong road, then didn't spot the marker while going up the correct (very steep!) road.

Just like last year, a few of the markers have ended up quite a long way away from the center of the circle but we found them all without any serious issues.
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Stolpejakt with Fredrik - on bike (04/08/2019) Stolpejakt with Fredrik - on bike (04/08/2019)