Veritas sommer 2 (02/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tangenåsen
Forgot to use my gps watch, so hand-drawn track!

I shadowed Richard Zeiner-Gundersen to the first control, he ran nicely to #1 then I made a mistake and actually (according to the split times) picked up another runner instead who ran so strongly to #2 that I had to work hard to keep up, before he slowed down a bit when he got closer to the control.

That runner took off too far east towards #3 in my opinion so I just ran my own route from there, the splits shows that Richard arrived about half a minute behind me on #3 even though I misread the vegetation enough to make a small wobble, entering the path too far south.

#4 was quite easy, just follow the path and the obvious contour detail.

Easy bearing around the first knoll to #5, then just follow the top of the ridge SSE.

I took the most obvious route to #6, executed it well.

Two possible path systems to #7, I took the large path even though that meant I had to cross a narrow valley at the end before climbing up to the control.

Coarse bearing to #8, the vegetation along the path lead me a bit too far down before I cut off towards the control so I ended up about 25-30m too far east.

Path running to the ridge edge, then a bearing down to #9

The last control was unfortunately completely misplaced, most probably due to an unmapped path cutting left above or very close to the control boulders, the flag was placed well up on the hillside, either on the mapped boulder a mm or two outside the circle just above the connecting line, or it might have been an unmapped boulder slightly further north.

Compared with the best splits I lost 4:46 from #9 to the finish but I still got 2nd place after Eirik Watterdal who is a lot younger and faster than me, and he was already leading the course by 3:17 on #9.
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Veritas sommer 2 (02/07/2019) Veritas sommer 2 (02/07/2019)