Extreme contour-only orienteering (20/06/2019)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Organiser: Anders Nordberg
Distance: 3.82 km
Time: 39:47
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 162
The rule for this training was (a) no backup map before or during the run, (b) cut the map in a circle, so removing all edge directions, (c) no compass.

(The weather was a total overcast with slight drizzle, so absolutely no help from the sun to maintain direction.)

I did not know exactly where the start was so I first took a little detour around a deep ditch edged with stinging nettle, then I orienteered OK until I stopped just before the control, thinking that I was already in the proper location but that the flag was missing.

Safe route to #2, hit that one nicely, and the same to #3.

I aimed a bit to the right towards #4 (ran perpendicular to the contours so that I would find the knoll with the two form line knolls on top), but then I failed to spot the flag while following the ridge to the end, finally deciding that this one also had to be missing.

When I turned around to #5 I was starting from too far south, so then I also stopped too soon, in an area where I got everything to match except for no flag, but since I had already failed to find two of them I went on to #6 instead, and this one I hit very nicely.

I had good control halfway to #7 when I found the sharp ravine, but then I stopped a little bit too soon, went on, turned back and passed it by a few meters before I finally found it on my third attempt.

OK to #8, found the edge of the flat area and followed this around and into the control.

To #9 I once again misjudged the distance and started searching too soon, but then instead of giving up I decided to look for the end of the ridge where the control should be and realized that I was still too far SE.

#10 was the last control, and by far my best, I managed very good directional running just using the contours.

When I got close to the parking lot where I had parked my car I hit a big path, I followed this down and over a bridge crossing that nettle-covered ditch.
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Extreme contour-only orienteering (20/06/2019) Extreme contour-only orienteering (20/06/2019)