Jukola (15/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kangasala/Finland
Leg: 5
Distance: 9 km
Time: 74:24
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 177
I ate a Finnish Makkara (grilled sausage) late at night, I really should not have done that since I had to make three stops in the forest due to an upset stomach.

Started OK, got a little bit out of balance because the marked chute to the start triangle stopped about 30m too soon, so I entered the forest further west than I thought I did. The first control was easy to attack from the top of the hill so I did not lose any time here.

To #2 I made the first of several distance judgment errors: The combination of 1:10K (instead of 1:7500 which I normally run on in my H60 class) and fairly dense and stony terrain meant that I stopped too early and started searching. I lost 2:15 on this control.

Good flow to #3 & #4.

I ran a compass bearing to #5 and read the contours and boulders along the way but still ended up too far left and had to adjust. About 40-45 sec.

Good flow to #6, 7, 8 and 9.

Good control almost all the way to #10, but then I made another distance error from my attack point, the final obvious knoll about 300 m before the control and started searching a bit before I decided I had to go on. 30-40 sec lost here.

Perfect to #11.

My plan to #12 was of course to follow the rides up to the path and then cross over, but the ride had a lot of slash while there was a big track from previous runners along the straight line. When I hit the narrow valley/reentrant just before the circle I made another distance error and decided that I had to be in the even larger reentrant 100m past the control.

I ran in the opposite direction where I found a control, then had to go back the same way and lost about 2 min.

OK to #13 & 14.

Crossing the green ditches towards #15 I my stomach issues were getting critical so I had to stop twice and lost 1.5 to 2 min.

OK to #16, good route and execution to #17 (used the huge boulder as a compass course attack point), then I stopped 70m too early (again!) on 18 but decided that since my bearing was OK I had to go on and found it with just 20-30 sec wasted.

Pure running to the last two controls, the finish line and the change-over: I had improved our position in the relay by just 6 places, from 292 to 284, but I could have been 7+ minutes faster with a more normal effort.
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Jukola (15/06/2019) Jukola (15/06/2019)