Category: Competition
Distance: 5.25 km
Time: 55:48
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 178
Traning run with my son: He carried the map & compass, I just glanced at it at every control and then tried to run on map memory.

OK to #1, except that I did not remember the entire hillside was a scree/rock slope. The flag was misplaced, too far down in the reentrant near the edge of the circle, but visible from well above.

Partly due to the misplaced #1 I did not climb enough and instead started out about 45 degrees wrong direction. Halfway to #3 I asked to have the map back and finally managed to recover. Lost 8 min.

We won the split to #3 since that was mostly going back the same way we came.

OK to #4 & #5, to #6 I checked the map before hitting the path when I found some unmapped tracks.

#7 was mostly OK but I should have turned more west after leaving the path, now I had to check the map down by the ditches.

#8 was direction/contour running, but I did borrow the compass for a bearing down into the forested slope to the control.

Compass also to the final control, then we took the path to the finish.
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