15-Stafetten NSK 2 (11/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grønmo
Leg: 1A
Distance: 3.54 km
Time: 25:42
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 188
First leg with about 100 competitors around me, I started most probably too hard by being in the leading group up to the top of the hill.

Hit #1 perfectly, then I lost 10-20 s into #2 when I hesitated one knoll area too soon, i.e. when I passed the ravine going from SW to NE I though I was already at the northernmost one and started looking for the control hill, then I realized my mistake and ran on, meeting everyone in the leading group as they were leaving the control.

Past this point I never saw more than 2-4 runners at once, together with the forking this meant that I just ran as in an individual race.

I did consider taking the paths around to #3 but decided to go more direct instead, this probably didn't make much of a difference.

Very easy to #4, also mostly running to #5. As I punched this one a small group coming from other forkings passed me but when they ran too far east down the hillside I got a nice gap on them into #6 & 7, then got passed by a couple of much faster sprinters on the final run to the finish line and the relay change-over.
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15-Stafetten NSK 2 (11/05/2019) 15-Stafetten NSK 2 (11/05/2019)