OBIK P2 / ABIK R1 (02/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bråteåsen
Distance: 4.34 km
Time: 35:45
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 185
As usual, a competition run the day after a 20 hour trip over 9 time zones was very tough, but the terrain was quite nice and the heather still quite low. I made a few mistakes, i.e. very bad direction to #7 where I should just have repeated the last part of my route to #1. 45-60 sec?

#10 was probably misplaced, the control cliff was much longer than shown and the flag hung near the circle boundary where I turned back uphill after punching.

Towards #12 I made another mistake in the same area as to #7, this time the time loss might have been 30-45 sec.

I also lost a few seconds out of #13 when the unmapped parts of the path system led me too far SE before I hit the ski track.
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OBIK P2 / ABIK R1 (02/05/2019) OBIK P2 / ABIK R1 (02/05/2019)