OBIK P1 (11/04/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fornebu/Telenor
Distance: 3.89 km
Time: 23:53
Average HR: 129
Maximum HR: 159
Third race in as many days, and just 15+ hours since the night race last night meant that my running form was _really_ bad: My Garmin 735 watch claimed that I needed 3.5 days of recovery after last night, so this was a bit too much, but still fun! :-)

Pure running to #1 & #2, as usual I lead my class and course at this point, but then I hit a red light at the road crossing, with lots of traffic so I just had to wait for 20-30 s, dropped to second spot after Richard Zeiner-Gundersen who won. It was possible to save some climb and energy into this control by running around the final knoll, I don't think this made much of a difference.

Messed up leaving #3 because I though the pedestrian crossing would be by the road junction, then I had to run back to locate it, losing 10-15 s.

OK to #5, 6 & 7 then I had a technical issue to #8 where I dropped at least a minute and was passed by Kjetil Berge who ended up in second place.

Could have gone around right to #8 which would have been flatter, the time was probably about the same.

Similarly issue to #9 where I lost 2 s partly because a fairly wide area east of the building had been blocked off for some mobile crane operation.

Won the last 4 splits so that part was OK.
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OBIK P1 (11/04/2019) OBIK P1 (11/04/2019)