Oslo City Cup #2 (09/04/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Oppsal Arena
Distance: 3.16 km
Time: 19:39
I started too hard on this race and had to pay for it eventually!
Won the first two splits, on #3 I had passed Nils Hæstad who started 15 s in front of me, but Ivar Maalen who won the race was even faster and grabbed the lead which he would keep and extend for the remainder of the race.

I hesitated a couple of seconds into #4, Nils punched in front of me, and then he did the same on #5. Down to #6 Nils did the hesitation and I got a 5 s gap in the terrain, but then I executed the long leg to #7 less well, with several hesitations and Nils passed me when we were just over half way there. From that point I never caught up to him again and when I missed 10-15 s on #13 I lost my last chance to beat him in this race. We were both half a minute behind Ivar though.
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Oslo City Cup #2 (09/04/2019) Oslo City Cup #2 (09/04/2019)