Gromløpet (23/03/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bygdøy
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 32:33
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 182
Close to perfect on the Bygdøy map which I have just extended and updated. My course did not use any of the new areas so I should not have had a big advantage over my competitors, but all of them either ran too slowly or made one or more big mistakes, so I ended up winning by 5.5min.

Easy start to #1, then I immediately lost the path system towards #2, but instead of searching I just ran a coarse compass direction and lost only 7 s to the best split. At this point Ove Martinsen from Hauketo was 8 s faster than me.

Towards the end of the long leg to #3 I once again lost the path system but used the same approach out to the big path, then I spent a few seconds figuring out exactly where I had hit it and went on to the control. I took over the lead after winning this split, 10 s ahead of Richard Zeiner-Gundersen who got the 2nd place in our class, just ahead of Ove who missed almost 5 min here!?!

OK to #4 and #5 (which was slightly misplaced, a bit too far south, but visibility was very good so this probably didn't cause any time loss for anyone on my course), then I just took a bearing to #6.

I ran a bit too much in the green to #7, I should have hit the same gate as I would use to #11 a bit later.

Safe & fast route to #8, very easy to #9, then we had the fastest leg of the entire course back to #10, I once again lost contact with the path system but still won the leg. I had passed Ove towards #8, so for most of the rest of the course he got very similar split times to me, and he even punched in front of me a few places.

Good flow to #11 & 12, perfect execution to #13 where I managed to locate all the correct path junctions (there are a lot of smaller indistinct paths in this terrain, not shown on our maps today since they can be hard to spot so early in the season).

The final controls were all OK.

EDIT the day after: I should have been DSQ'ed! I did not notice that the fence which I crossed to #5 had been changed to "illegal to pass", on the old map it was shown as passable and I didn't notice this modification while I was running. :-(
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Gromløpet (23/03/2019) Gromløpet (23/03/2019)