Fossum Gate-Natt-O (28/02/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Østerås
Distance: 6.86 km
Time: 48:21
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 177
I always try to run at least one competition every month in winter, this month I almost didn't make it but Fossum fortunately organized a very nice (long) night city sprint on the last day of February:

OK routes to the first 5 controls, to #6 it would have been faster to run straight up to the main road and then right and around the city rail station but I could not see that the stairs provided legal access to the road. I also stumbled a bit into the control, going up one level too high.

Mostly OK for the next controls. I lost a minute (no light from head lamp, had to fix it) towards 8, then to #10 I found a legal shortcut route taking mapped paths through the out of bounds garden areas.

I spent the time towards #16 trying to figure out is I should go left or right to #17, settled on left but that was probably wrong.

Very good flow to #18, this was one of my best controls.

Did not see the flag on #21 and failed to find the fastest route past the parked cars to the last control.
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Fossum Gate-Natt-O (28/02/2019) Fossum Gate-Natt-O (28/02/2019)