Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (29/01/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eldor
Distance: 6.43 km
Time: 68:31
Average HR: 119
Maximum HR: 159
New personal record: It was -16C when I left the arena parking after the race!

I started very early, so that as soon as I left the main path by the special detail (ring) I had to break trail in the heavy snow. Some tracks turned up later but that really messed me up towards #5: I was just going back on the same path as I had taken to #2, but on that leg I had noticed that I ran a slight detour just after the field, i.e. I should have taken the second path and saved a few meters. Coming back towards #5 I saw a set of tracks to the left and assumed this was the other path, while in reality it must have been from runners who went directly towards #2! I lost 5 min on this control. :-(

Going on to #6 everything was fine until it suddenly wasn't: I had planned to go around the hillside after the end of the indistinct path, but lost map contact and ended up near the power line, then I bailed towards the paths and ended up close to #7 since I never saw the first path. Lost another 5 min here.

The rest was more or less OK, but I had to walk in parts since my leg muscles were really starting to complain about running in deep snow.
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Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (29/01/2019) Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (29/01/2019)