Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (11/12/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Granerud
Distance: 5.1 km
Time: 50:04
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 185
OK night race in -3C and 15cm snow, lost 2 min by not running around the green to #2, otherwise pretty good.

I think my route to #1 was close to optimal in these conditions: Path+road+field, then a little less snow in the green/white boundary area.

#2 was horrible, or rather that first little cut through the green was very close to impassable, I lost 2 min compared to simply taking the path around to the left!

I should have gone a bit more direct towards #3, otherwise OK,.

Good flow to #4.

#5 was effectively just transport, took the only feasible route.

#6 was hard! I could not find any good route and ended up trailbreaking most of the way across those semi-open green-striped area, just a single moose had been there before us. The path was well trampled, all the way into the control.

I had led a group of 3-4 runners into #6 and all the way to the last control where 2 of them found a slightly better micro-route choice into the flag and passed me, but this was mostly pure running anyway.

In hindsight I am very satisfied with a night race with zero control misses. I probably had a little bit of help on a couple of them from previous tracks, but I felt that I had pretty good control all the way.

This event in fresh white snow was a huge change from the white sand on a Carribean beaches last week!
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Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (11/12/2018) Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (11/12/2018)