PWT Cruise 2018 (01/12/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Half Moon Caye, Belize
Distance: 2.63 km
Time: 17:57
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 171
A bad race in a wonderful setting!
The beach area containing the finish and last control was a sea turtle hatching ground so we had to stay of of it as much as possible.

I hit #1 nicely and thought I knew how to do this but stopped 10-15 m too soon on #2, ran around and lost 40 s.

OK to #3, 4, & 5 then the easy leg out of the detailed map to #6. My track shows that I hit the place it had been put out without seeing it first since it should have been out on the beach itself, north of a tree. I spent 2:30 here first to locate the control and then moving it to the center of the circle so that the rest of the runners would avoid this error.

5-10 s hesitation into #8 before a disaster on #9 which I ran right past then spent a minute before I got back to it via several other controls.

Pure running to #10, 11, 12 & 13 before a couple more controls (14 & 15) in the central area. I ran along the fence as I had been told, before cutting down to the beach and then straight back. (The flag was located a bit further SW than shown on the map.)
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PWT Cruise 2018 (01/12/2018) PWT Cruise 2018 (01/12/2018)