PWT Cruise 2018 (28/11/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ship race (relay)
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 13:18
Average HR: 109
Maximum HR: 135
This was a 7-person 25-manna style relay onboard the ship, I walked (running on board is strictly forbidden!) the first solo leg, then the next two runners started simultaneusly, handing over to #4 & 5, then #6 & 7 who had to punch into the finish together.

I lost a few seconds looking at the wrong control for #6, in the wrong end of the gym, but otherwise I had very good routes and no hesitations due to always reading a control ahead.

It is possible that #12 could have been a few seconds faster on the Sun Deck all the way to the aft end of the ship, down to the Main Deck and right (opposite to #15), then down an internal stair case to Clipper Deck and the control.

I lost 10-15 s by #3 because the area south and west (assuming north is up) of the flag had been temporarily closed off for maintenance, so I had to go north and around the outside of the conference hall. This would have been the case for everyone else on my forking so it didn't matter.

In the chaos by the finish area (200+ people in the Tropical Bar!) nobody could tell me for sure, but it is possible that I won the first leg. We do know that our team (which included Tone, Even, Karin, Unni and Tom A) finished in 4th spot out of more than 25 so that was very nice indeed. :-)
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PWT Cruise 2018 (28/11/2018) PWT Cruise 2018 (28/11/2018)