Corn Island (27/11/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nicaragua
Distance: 2.86 km
Time: 17:02
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 159
A tropical rain storm hit us as we lined up for the tender and didn't let up until later in the day. We were on the second tender, as planned, but shortly after we got onboard the heavy swell caused the boat to heave so much that one of the mooring lines broke and they decided to suspend tender service and leave for the beach even though 15-20 more people should have been on board.

I ran well in the rain on this strange Google only map, i.e. no local survey trip: 4 m tall fences were missing but I was lucky and found a passable route to #7 and out to #8. When I finished, as the first runner after passing the ~30 who had started before me (across all the courses/classes) Tone & I ran to the tender which it turned out had been waiting the entire time but now it went back to the ship since the weather was improving.

The second half of the runners were told to skip #7 due to those tall fences, so they could go straight from #6 to #8 but I still won today.
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Corn Island (27/11/2018) Corn Island (27/11/2018)