PWT Cruise 2018 (26/11/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Boca del Drago, Panama
Distance: 3.92 km
Time: 21:46
Fun race with photo orienteering for the 1st, 8th and 9th control, I was completely fooled by the fact that there was two identical signs along the beach differing only in the relative position of the flag.

When I had punched on the wrong (first sign) and the correct 9th control (where I didn't get the photo to match up properly) and then hit the second sign I realized that I had to punch here as well, but then I assumed that #9 was probably in the same direction so I ran almost to the last control before turning back all the way. Lost about 1.5 min here, so that Trond who understood immediately that he had to turn back from 8 to 9 beat me by half a minute or so.
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PWT Cruise 2018 (26/11/2018) PWT Cruise 2018 (26/11/2018)