Veritas Natt (07/11/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Frognerparken
Distance: 6.4 km
Time: 37:56
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 172
A nice city/park sprint, but too much running and too little orienteering for me:

Dead easy to #1, the reflex marker was visible from the end of the football field.

I've checked the distance to #2, it should have been a few meters shorter on my right-hand route, but since the control was located near the south end of the circle, it might have been faster to go left.

Easy transport to #3 & #4.

Several of the openings between building were closed off due to construction, so the route I took to #5 and later when going back to #18 was forced. I did miss the opening to #5 though, lost about 15 s here on my only significant mistake.

I did not see the south entrance to #6 until now, so I never considered any other route on this control.

#7 was another left/right selection: Going left like I did was shorter, but more climb and some more complicated map reading in the start. I believe the time was close to equal.

I ran over the top to #8, going around to the left was probably very close in time.

It should be possible to go left via Frogner stadion to #10 but everyone who has uploaded their track to Livelox did the same as me, i.e. to the right, although a few forgot to cut across the final lawn.

Pure running to #11.

Aimed just south of the buildings to #12

Looked very carefully at the map before I decided that it was OK to go left to #13. I do suspect at least one guy of taking the shortcut over the OOB patch west of the building, it looked like a restaurant porch for spring/summertime outside beer drinking.

I made my second real mistake to #14 where I changed my mind after first starting to take the shortcut near the pond but returned up to follow the path around because I could not verify that the hedge around the control area was legal to pass. Looking at the map on my screen it does seem OK to take the shortcut. 10+ seconds?

Pure running to #15, going left and passing near #13 must have been slower.

My route to #16 seems obviously shorter than going right but the times are very similar.

Transport to #17.

Everyone took the same route to #18, you could have aimed for #1 and entered from the north but that was probably slower.

Took the shortest route to #19, then the last controls were just running.

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Veritas Natt (07/11/2018) Veritas Natt (07/11/2018)