Harry Lagert Finale C-Lokal (26/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lutvann
Distance: 6.38 km
Time: 45:44
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 175
I started 7:31 after the leader, near the end of the chasing start, i.e. the first mass start would go out exactly one minute behind me, so I had to avoid any serious mistakes.

Towards the first control the guys in front of me left me behind but I noticed that they seemed to take the wrong path halfway and about 100 m before the control I was suddenly in front of 5-7 guys who followed me into the flag which I hit perfectly. Very nice!

Up to #2 I orienteered a bit too much, trying to look at the next controls and as we left that control and got out on the track they would slowly pull away from me again.

Better orienteering along the small paths meant that I caught up again but then as we hit the marsh 150 m north of the control the path junction leading up to the flag was invisible. I passed it, stopped in the next downhill part, then decided to just go on until the crosswise path would catch me and lead up to the control that way. I probably lost 30-45 sec here.

#4 was mostly pure running, I found the path up to the control but the outer parts of the reentrant was quite overgrown, so that I went a little bit too far. 10 sec?

Easy setup to #5 which was a water station but I didn't need to drink anything here.

I initially considered attacking #6 from the path to the NW but decided to follow the others along the safer route via the road bend.

At this point all the guys in front started to climb straight up towards #7 but I realized that this had to be stupid so I went as flat as possible via the paths and gained quite a bit of time untill I messed up and got stuck in dangerous marsh areas near the pond. The extremely wet part which would barely carry my weight extended quite a bit further east and north around the pond. I think I lost up to a minute here and got into the control just behind two guys who had just passed me.

On the path and track running to the last control 4-5 more guys ran past me but I'm hoping I still ended up in the top 10?
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Harry Lagert Finale C-Lokal (26/10/2018) Harry Lagert Finale C-Lokal (26/10/2018)