Blodslitet H60 (20/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Borge Varde
Distance: 12.31 km
Time: 94:30
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 178
Felt quite fresh on the starting line, took the lead into the forest and lost the indistinct path I had aimed for. Lost 20 sec and a bunch of places. Ran OK to #2, spotted #3 but thought it was too early and ran on for a few meters before I turned around. At this point I believe I shared the lead with Nils Hæstad.

OK to #4, I had planned to take the left path over the top but when everyone ran after Nils on the more direct route I followed along.

A few small micro route choice mistakes towards #5 & #6, then OK to #7 and the start of the butterfly forking where my course started with the eastern wing:

I saw that the runner before me seemed to aim too far right, pulled along by some H55 runners who had just finished the forking (they had started 15 min before us), so I tried to correct for this but I still ended up too far south and lost a minute.

I ran OK to #10, back to the central control and the second wing.

I should probably have aimed a bit more right to #14 since this would have avoided some of the cliffs but I hit the control OK.

At this point I was starting to feel a bit tired, I had no chance to pull in the runners in front of me as we ran along the track and crossed the road. When we hit the hillside a few guys went directly over the hill but I decided that the route around had to be just as fast and would save some energy.

A small wobble into #16, then I ran well to #17 & #18. At this point I stopped completely while unfolding my map and trying to find a good route for the monster leg. When we made it to the bottom of the hill, where I had passed going to #15, the guys in front of me took the path to the right again while I decided to take my own direct route. This worked out OK except for the horrible climb which really sucked any remaining power out of my legs.

On the last loop I ran OK, towards #23 I was studying the last leg and saw that I had to get to the end of the cliff before I could drop down on the path, but I still ended up going down a steep chute: While doing so I slipped and hit a rock ledge with my abdomen, stopping when my lower left rib hit the ledge. It hurt a lot immediately and I lost about 10 sec, but I finished the race in the top 10 anyway. Now I just hope that I didn't get a partial fracture because I have had that twice before and it will hurt quite a bit for the next three weeks.
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Blodslitet H60 (20/10/2018) Blodslitet H60 (20/10/2018)