Oppsal Night-O club championship (16/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rustadsaga
Distance: 4.53 km
Time: 41:17
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 184
Since I'm the course planner for the Harry Lagert Night-O tomorrow I can't run there, so I asked Oppsal if I could start in their club championship tonight, and they very graciously said that I'd be welcome, so Thank You Oppsal!

I started with a plan to run away from the mass start field at once, and ran well to #1, 2 & 3, at this control I saw 3 senior ladies who had this control as their first. I saw that they started in the right direction, up to the path so I ran to catch up and never spotted the path towards my control (the course they were on were going much further south). I realized my mistake just after I passed the boulder, then I tried to take a compass bearing but as my track show I messed this up completely.

When I had recovered down in the valley and started back up I met my two competitors in H60, it took just over a minute from this point up to the control and back. Total time loss here was between 3.5 and 4 minutes!

At this point I tried to run even faster up to the path bend but I hit it south of the junction and once again ran in the wrong direction. Another 1.5 min lost. :-(

I was really amazed when I saw a pair of lamps leaving #5 as I got close to the control.

Up to #6 I once again bypassed the path I was looking for, lost another minute but by this time I was together with Lars Klyve & Ketil Åstebøl, the two other H60 guys.

I managed to drop Lars up to #7 and Ketil over to #8, then I just ran as fast as I could:

Good flow to #9, into #10 slash from a fresh logging operation made me stumble and in the fall I hit my head sideways against a rock.

I decided to run on since it didn't seem to bleed (my head lamp harness must have acted as a cushion!) but the route to #11 was probably wrong, it would have been better to run flat to the right around the field and farm buildings.

OK to #12.

The last control was my last bad mistake, I read the black road pointing straight at the control as an impassable wall (we ran on a 1:5000 enlargement so I interpreted this as a sprint map), and decided that the only way to legally reach the control was by going around to the left, crossing the creek twice.

Total time loss 7+ minutes?
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Oppsal Night-O club championship (16/10/2018) Oppsal Night-O club championship (16/10/2018)