Harry Lagert 4 C - Lokal (10/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann Vest
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 4.01 km
Time: 31:00
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 184
Two significant time losses, otherwise OK:

Decided immediately to take the safe route to #1, it was probably the fastest as well.

Good flow down to #2 even though the green was quite dense.

Left the path slightly too soon on #3, took about 1:15 to recover.

OK to #4-11, nice execution of good routes, then I decided to play it totally safe to the last control and ran around on the paved path:

The area around the last control consisted of late-season interlocked prickly bushes, I spent 1:30 inside the ring on those last 15-20 m to the flag! Instead of open green stripes it could have been mapped as darkest green, i.e. impassable or "fight". :-)

I suspect the last starters will find an elephant trail here...
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Harry Lagert 4 C - Lokal (10/10/2018) Harry Lagert 4 C - Lokal (10/10/2018)