KM Natt H50 (09/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brannfjell
Organiser: Bækkelaget
Distance: 6.43 km
Time: 51:05
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 188
Mass start county Night-O championship for everyone over 50, so I competed against guys up to 11 years younger than me.

Slightly chaotic up to #1, I ran past the control but so did the other guys in my class, I'm guessing we lost 20-30 sec. I had taken a chance and ran in my stud-less Inov-8 X-Talon 200 but that resulted in big problems on the slippery slabs so I lost time both up and down the hillsides.

OK to #2 & #3, I stayed a few seconds behind Øystein Holo who was leading the pack on this forking.

Bad orienteering down to #4, I took the initiative when the guys in front hesitated, then they followed me too far south. Lost a minute here and dropped down to 13th place.

I gained a couple of places back up to the central control, #5.

I got my only split win down to #6 even though I missed 5 sec inot the control. More seriously it seems that I passed the row of small cabins too far north, inside the area designated as "garden, out of bounds". In my defence I must state that I did try to go around and there was absolutely no indication in the terrain that this was a garden, i.e. I did not step on either flower beds or grass. At this point I was back in 3rd place, just a second behind Øystein and Richard Zeiner-Gundersen.

OK to #7, up to 2nd place.

I was still in 2nd place on #8 but I had dropped 7-8 seconds to Øystein when I hesitatedwhile climbing the hillside.

My route to #9 turned out to be sub-optimal, I should have turned up to the left by the main path bend. Einar Lunøe (whos is significantly more fit than me) ran 34 s faster and took over the lead, keeping it almost to the end.

OK to #10, still in 2nd place.

Over to #11 I made several small mistakes, first I climbed directly up the hill, then I ran out onto the island in the pond and finally I was fooled by an extra flag (with reflex) about 40 m south of the control. On this leg Einar ran a minute faster and got away from the rest of us for good.

OK to #12 & #13.

Good route to #14 except for losing the paths on the hilltop and then I ran just past the control and lost about 5 sec.

I ran very well to the next two controls, hit them perfectly using compass direction and hillside angle.

I considered going left to #17 but found some faint trails and ran mostly straight. When I got up to the control area the contour drawing was a bit off, making me beieve that I was hitting the knolls north of the control but I spotted the flag a few seconds later. At this point Guttorm Egge, Egil Eide and Karl Aasmund Erøy all punched in front of me while Einar was almost 2 min in front.

I ran OK up all the hills towards #18, noticed that even though I could not gain anything on the flatter parts I was able to take over the lead in my pack and ran well all the way into the control.

I lead all the way to #19 but failed to spot the flag, punched together with Guttorm.

OK to #20.

My route to #21 was almost certainly sub-optimal, I should have gone down to the cabins and then just slightly uphill along the indistinct path to the saddle just before the control. It is also possible that simply running all the way around the cabins and up the hillside the same way I ran down to the last control would have been better.

I hesitated quite a bit into the flag, that's when Guttorm decided to take a chance and run past me. He hit it and got a 3 sec lead which he then kept to the finish. We had no idea at the time that Einar had missed 3+ minutes on this control, so when we sprinted into the finish it was for the top 4 spots, with Karl and Egil coming right behind me.
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KM Natt H50 (09/10/2018) KM Natt H50 (09/10/2018)