Harry Lagert Bonus C - Lokal (03/10/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Distance: 5.2 km
Time: 40:34
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 174
Mass start Night-O with a very long first leg: There was at least three major route alternatives all starting in the same direction. I took a relatively direct option while my friend Sindre Langaas went over the first hill and down to the road, he turned up alongside me again when I crossed the road. A big group stayed on the path when I left it, following paths around to the right nearly all the way to the control, they also used about the same time.

The phi forking was relatively easy, mostly running, and the same going up to #8.

My route to #9 was quite unique, all the people around me crossed over the main hill in some way, but except for the 1:45 time loss around the control circle (mostly due to the white forest never turning up, it was green all the way!) it seems my route was comparable to those shorter routes with much more climb.

Very happy with the final control, ran a coarse compass bearing instead of going out on the track.
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Harry Lagert Bonus C - Lokal (03/10/2018) Harry Lagert Bonus C - Lokal (03/10/2018)