Porsgrunn City Race H60 (29/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Distance: 6.37 km
Time: 38:29
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 183
We ran Porsgrunn City Race in the middle of the Norwegian Mapping Conference, I had some stomach issues but ran mostly OK routes.

Up to #5 was more elevation than expected, maybe going left would have been just as fast?

The shortcut down to #6 was hard to spot due to a large boat which was stored in the area where I ran back up towards #7.

The route to #7 was legal but only because of a mapping error, it should probably have been olive green around those houses even though the hillside was undeveloped wilderness. According to the mapper his original was indeed correct but a patch of olive green had disappeared before printing.

In the end Arve Glittum was far faster than me and Trond Rønneberg ran a second or two faster on most of the legs, beating me by a minute.
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Porsgrunn City Race H60 (29/09/2018) Porsgrunn City Race H60 (29/09/2018)