Militært NM (27/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Godthaab
Distance: 3.42 km
Time: 29:27
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 177
I ran the Norwegian Military championship between two daytime meetings, mostly OK but a couple of blemishes:

OK to #1 & #2, then I stopped too early to #3 (did not remember if the map was 1:10K or 1:7500) and lost about 20 s.

Towards #4 the marsh was somehat overgrown so I ran over the hilltop instead of staying down in the marsh. I might have lost a couple of seconds doing this?

Down to #5 I intended to hit the path closer ot the line but when I ran where the terrain was nicest I ended up retracing my route from the start point to the triangle. My plan was to stay on the path halfway down and then take a compass bearing to avoid all the green, but when the entire hillside was filled with scattered windfall I decided to go all the way down to the path junction. As I expected the green was old planted spruce and not too bad, in fact significantly more runnable than the white hillside further uphill.

Perfect to #6 except for stopping less than 5 m away without seeing the flag. 5 sec lost?

Pretty good all the way to #7, I started slightly towards the path but the forrest was nice enough that I curved back and entered the open yellow, then the indistinct path system to the control.

My plan to #8 was to cross the first path but the green stripes in front of me turned out to be a horrible windfall obstacle course so I ran around it on the path then up the hillside and over to the path which I took up to the saddle point.

Trivial orienteering to #9, ran directly down to #10 but then I messed up quite badly by relaxing too much: I was "just" going to run down the same path I climbed to the start but ended up passing it and then I had to go down the scree slope. I probably lost a minute compared to simply going straight down from #10 to the big track.

In the end my mistakes didn't matter: I was 5+ min slower than the three H21E runners who got the individual medals and 2-3 min slower than two of the younger class winners but fast enough to easily win my age class.
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Militært NM (27/09/2018) Militært NM (27/09/2018)