Fuglemyrhytta Open (25/09/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Vettakollen
Organiser: Sindre Langaas
Distance: 6.6 km
Time: 69:26
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 177
Sindre created this course to celebrate the opening of the new DNT (The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association) cabin at control #5, which took place at 17:00 this day.

I decided to save a little time so I drove from work to the end of Trosterudveien, one of the poshest addresses in Oslo, and parked there before running directly to #1.

This was a careful training run so I had not taped my ankles and didn't have a compass either, so I was quite happy to hit #2 perfectly.

My route to #3 was planned several days before, I executed it as intended. 150 m before the control, when I rejoined the path system just after the stream, I met my old friend Kjell Markset who came up along that path, so we did the remainder together.

Up at the cabin there was already several hundred people gathered, nearly half an hour before the official opening ceremony, so after taking a few photos we decided to continue.

The map is unfortunately quite bad just below #6, when I passed the flag without spotting itI did so because there was a significantly larger unmapped cliff just below, with other cliffs nearby at the same level. It took a couple of minutes before we got back and found the flag.

After #8 I gave my map to Kjell since my printout (generated on a certified printer) was significantly more readable than his and I was going straight back to my car at this point.
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Fuglemyrhytta Open (25/09/2018) Fuglemyrhytta Open (25/09/2018)