Harry Lagert 2 C - Lokal (26/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skar
Distance: 3.84 km
Time: 34:48
Average HR: 115
Maximum HR: 148
Ran somewhat carefully, without pushing hard in any of the uphills, since I was going to run the Norwegian Military Orienteering championship the next morning.

Ran as planned to #1 & #2 (could have taken the left-hand route to #2 but the control was much easier from the north).

My route to #3 was probably a bit longer than needed but it was quite runnable until the final scramble up the hill, as well as very safe.

To #4 I did exactly as planned except that when the indistinct path continued a bit further I stayed uphill instead of dropping down to the long marsh.

I lost 30-40 seconds inside the circle because I didn't spot the flag and went up the reentrant until I could see the cliff before returning. My track seems to indicate that the control was very slightly misplaced but not by more than 10-15m so it was pure bad luck that I didn't see it the first time.

My route to #5 wasn't too bad but the course planner said afterwards that going down to the road was probably faster due to all the rocks and vegetation.

While running on the road to #7 I took out a compass bearing from the creek crossing, that worked very well and I got one of the best split times here.
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Harry Lagert 2 C - Lokal (26/09/2018) Harry Lagert 2 C - Lokal (26/09/2018)