Harry Lagert 1 (19/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Låkeberget
Distance: 4.96 km
Time: 46:04
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 170
I need a few more weeks unfortunately to recover from giving blood (it turned out that I was anemic even before donating), but my orienteering was at least partially OK on this first night race of the fall season: (I started first of all so I was pretty much alone all the way.)

Good route to #1, but the paths and rides were so indistinct that I lost them multiple times.

To #2 I started as planned by taking the indistinct path which would minimize the climb, with the intention to contour flat into the main uphill path, take the lower/flat path in the junction and then contour into the control but when the first path kept going I ended up a bit too high, realizing it when I hit the wet patch but as my track shows I kept going just above the path system. When I finally did find the path I had to follow it until above the control where I stopped several times, hesitating when I didn't locate the control immediately. I'm guessing I lost at least a minute.

#3 was fine (as shown by my track) until I misread the 1:10K map print, believing that the control knoll was located in a valley instead of along a hillside. We really should have gotten 1:7500 on this map! Almost a minute lost here as well.

#4 was my first really good control, ran exactly as planned and hit it perfectly.

I had planned to hit the south end of the dangerous marsh to #5, when I failed to see it I hestiated a few seconds extra before crossing and leaving the path (ski trail).

Good flow down to #7

I stopped multiple times towards #8, lost 45-50 sec.

OK to #9, counted paces between the path junctions so that I would hit the downhill slope in the right spot.

#10 was the worst leg by far: My plan was to simply run flat to the big path, follow that across the road and then take more paths down and left, crossing the valley. In reality I crossed that big path while believeing it to be just one more of those small (several unmapped) MTB trails, so that I finally ended up almost on the ridge. From there I tried to get back to my original plan but just after the junction where I rejoined the correct path i hit a logging area, with branches and other residue everywhere, and no paths visible. I ended up losing 2 min here to several people that I normally outrun significantly.

#11 was scary but I just tried to trust my compass, pushing through the dense forest. I was very glad when it turned up less than 10 m away and just 2-3 m to the right of my course.

Just as I had punched this control a H21 runner ran past me, so I could follow his light for a little while towards the last control.
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Harry Lagert 1 (19/09/2018) Harry Lagert 1 (19/09/2018)