WC prolog rerun (15/09/2018)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kirkebygden
Organiser: Ivar Maalen
Distance: 3.52 km
Time: 29:17
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 176
We're visiting the childhood home of two of our friends this weekend, their old house was the finish for the World Cup prolog two weeks ago, so Ivar went out and put out some very small semi-permanent markers at the controls so that anyone can try the courses.

I never saw the marker on #1 or #2 but my unadjusted track shows that I passed over both controls.

On #3 I did see the tiny wooden marker with a red (spray paint?) top, but not on #4.

Towards #5 I tried to check the location of #8 but failed to spot it, but I still hit the markers on 5, 6 & 7 and when I got back to #8 Ivar had been there and placed the marker.

My plan to #9 was to take the main valley south then cut across the knoll along the natural channel, but when I got to the green patch it was dense enough that I decided that I had to be too low, in the green channel leading too far east. I therefore climbed up a level and ended up with an MP in the reentrant 40m too far north.

Due to this I also crossed the green area too far north and realized that I had probably made a mistake when I hit the knolls before the power line.

Into #10 the safe option was to follow the road to the open yellow but I tried to go direct, misread the cliffs and stopped 60m too far north, then I had to follow the contour line to the control.

#11 was dead simple and when I entered the field to the last control a couple of horses were grazing by the marker so I skipped this to avoid disturbing them.
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WC prolog rerun (15/09/2018) WC prolog rerun (15/09/2018)