Geoform Rankingløp (05/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Distance: 4.73 km
Time: 34:41
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 174
OK training race, still very heavy legs but I'll rest them this coming weekend.

Uphill to #1 & 2 (which was slightly misplaced, about 20 m too far south), then I stumbled a bit going downhill through logging residue to #3. I am very happy with how I judged the distance from the ride (which I would later use to #7), to where I could cut in and avoid almost all the heavy green and still hit it within 5 m. :-)

Easy running to #4, used old tracks along the ditch into the control.

Direction + contours guided me to #5 which I hit nicely.

Good direction back to the ski track, then I judged the cut across, over the road and up the hill quite well.

#7 was also slightly mislocated, 5 m above the ride instead of 10 m below it but this didn't matter in such an open area.

Direction down to the lake, then around it and find the correct ditch to #8.

Trying to look for the best exit from the green I botched my exit direction from #8 but I did at least hit the rides and paths early that way. 10-15 s?

Except for the last 25-30 m I managed to run all the way to the last control, then I followed my pre-planned route to the finish in Bjørn Grinde's front yard.
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Geoform Rankingløp (05/09/2018) Geoform Rankingløp (05/09/2018)