OBIK P24 / AB5 (04/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fossum
Distance: 4.6 km
Time: 31:21
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 174
I felt horribly stiff jogging to the start today, and I never got up to proper speed on this extremely runnable course. On the long leg to #5 I had to make a half-minute stop and then I made a proper control mistake on #12:

OK route to #1, should have gone more around the final hil to #2, now I had to scramble to get down to the control. Probably around 10 seconds lost.

OK to #3, some hesitation crossing the logged area to #4.

OK route to #5, good execution of #6, 7 & 8, then halfway to #9 my old friend Svein Nygård turned up from my left side, coming in from the green.

We turned out to have the same course now, I was in front to #9 & #10 due to better micro route choices, but on the path to #11 he passed me.

Down to #12 I severely misjugded the distance from the last path junction to where I should cut in to the control, I saw Svein leaving the path quite early and thought I would beat him by running further on the path, but in reality he had actually spotted the flag from the path and I made a 45 sec wobble here. (Svein is probably 15 cm taller than me.)

My final time of 31:20 was fast enough to win H60, but even with a perfect run I would have been a minute behind Eivind Hoff who won H55 in 29:01.
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OBIK P24 / AB5 (04/09/2018) OBIK P24 / AB5 (04/09/2018)