OBIK P23 / NK 5 (30/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slengfehøgda
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 4.16 km
Time: 38:06
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 176
Still too tired (allergies) to run fast but my orienteering is pretty good these days:

#1: Direction/contour running to the open yellow just over the control.
#2: Exactly as planned except a few seconds hesitation because the control cliff was hidden in dense vegetation.
#3: Pretty close to plan here as well, avoided the rocky stuff and the steepest climbs, hit the control perfectly.
#4: As planned, used the open knoll/marsh as an intermediate checkpoint.
#5: Could be difficult butI used direction + contours to hit the march below the control, that gave me a very solid attack point.
#6: Considered taking the path around but this hilltop is probably the nicest forest anywhere in the Oslo region, covered with bright green moss and low heather. I aimed slightly left so that I hit the upper cliff and just followed the cliff line down to the control.
#7: The most difficult control today, I took a careful compass bearing from the path bend and hit it perfectly. I might have saved some time if I had dared to follow the path a bit further and then go down through more open forest but I decided to play it safe.
#8: Horrible slash/windfall after the road but easy orienteering.
#9: Good flow to another easy control.
#10: Aimed for the special detail (a big wigwam style tent) and picked the control from there.
#11: Easy direction running, crossed the valley just before the field where it seemed to be easiest.
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OBIK P23 / NK 5 (30/08/2018) OBIK P23 / NK 5 (30/08/2018)