KM Stafett H150 (26/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Leg: 3
Distance: 5.37 km
Time: 38:24
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 179
Both Nydalen teams got DSQ'ed today, the first team after winning by almost 5 minutes!

On my team our first leg runner (Petter) never got any indications that his EMIT punches were bad but according to the official results he didn't run at all? On the first team the second leg runner was told that his finish line punch was missing and that it didn't matter at all that lots of people had seen him stop and punch.

My own race started quite good, I passed another running before #1 (I'm guessing he had another forking), then I lost the indistinct path towards #2 but orienteered using the bare rock and the path, until I ran into a branch while reading the map. This happened while I had perfect direction to the control, passing the last rock slab.

At this point I could not see anything so I had to take a chance and follow another guy who unfortunately missed the control. A minute later I recovered enough vision to read the map and realized where we were. Total time loss was 1:45 according to the GPS.

I aimed a little bit to the left to #3 but when I hit the long reentrant the contours looked like I was already at the control so I hesitated 10-15 sec.

By this point I had more or less recovered and ran OK for the rest of the race, using the paths as much as possible. Between #4 & #5 a fresh huge windfallen spruce blocked the path completely, this cost me 10-15 sec in both directions. The tracking shows that the northern forking was significantly faster even though it is a little bit longer.

The only real route choice was probably the horrible uphill leg from #10 to #11 where it was possible to run down along the paths and then climb back up again. I wanted to avoid the extra climb but the cliff crossings and deep heather probably made my direct route a bit slower.
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KM Stafett H150 (26/08/2018) KM Stafett H150 (26/08/2018)