OBIK P21 / NK 4 (23/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Linderudkollen
Distance: 4.69 km
Time: 38:04
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 176
First test run after my Tue evening toe injury: I had to run very carefully downhill to avoid sliding forwards in my right shoe, but otherwise it wasn't too painful. The course was quite trivial, no real route choices and very little orienteering:

Full speed to #1 while reading the rest of the course, cut back to #2, then I decided against the lakeside indistinct path since it could be very rocky below all those cliffs. I ended up on the wrong path so I had to drop down into the valley and climb up one or two contours again, but I probably didn't lose more than 10-15 sec here.

Steep path running up to #4.

#5 was my second mistake, I didn't notice the path out of the control and instead I climbed over the top of the first elongated knoll alongside the marsh. Another 15 sec? The rest was a lot of pure running, up & down (slow!).

I took the direct route to #6 and hit the path perfectly, but a lady who was together with me at the road junction ran around and she only lost 15-20 meters on a much safer route.

OK to #7.

The first 80% of #8 was really trivial, then I could have gone around the green but decided to push through, partly because I ran so slowly downhill on this path with lots of rocks and roots.

Really trivial route to the last control as soon as I found the logging ride.

EDIT: It turned out that this course had more route choice than I realized!

To #5 it was 30-40 sec faster to cross over the marshes to the lakeside and avoid almost all the climb, and to the last control there was another half a minute to be had by going straight down to the ski track and follow this.
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OBIK P21 / NK 4 (23/08/2018) OBIK P21 / NK 4 (23/08/2018)