Sommarløp (19/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Høydalsmo
Distance: 4.39 km
Time: 32:46
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 184
Hard to get started today, was beaten to both #1 & #2 by my old friend (since we were both H15-16 runners in Porsgrunn/Bamble) Arve Glittum. When I followed this up by stopping too early inside the circle to #3 (I did not get the contour drawing to fit properly and reversed course for a few meters to check if I had already bypassed the control), losing half a minute I dropped all the way down to fourth place, 1:07 behind.

From this point I managed to pick myself up and won the next six splits, regaining second place on #4 and the lead on #7.

My route to #5 was optimal and I executed it well, then I managed to hit #6 spot on as well after crawling up the final very steep & slippery hillside.

#7 was the crux of this course, it can be done with pure contour running but the hillside is so rocky and filled with windfall and other obstructions that it was impossible to stay on the line, I had to continually adjust for the elevation gain/loss I was forced to accept. I was very glad when I turned around the final bulge and the control turned up exactly where it should be, since it would have been extremely hard to relocate in this hillside.

#8 was direction running to the small form line knoll partly hidden by the control circle, then compass from there.

Good flow & direction downhill and across the road to #9, I checked my position while crossing and adjusted slightly to the left in order to touch the end of the half-open marsh which I used as my attack point. As normal for this race, the flag was well hidden behind the control boulder.

Arve beat me by a few seconds on the running leg to #10, I got two of them back to #11 due to going directly back to the ski track where Arve had cut across the knoll.

On the last two legs, to #12 and the finish Arve out-sprinted me by a total of 25 sec, i.e. half the 50 sec lead I had on #11!

Per Kr Ekeberg came third today, behind him there was a huge (8+ min!) gap to the rest of the guys.
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Sommarløp (19/08/2018) Sommarløp (19/08/2018)