Sommarløpet i Rauland (18/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Holtardalen
Organiser: Dyre Vaa
Distance: 4.22 km
Time: 34:07
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 173
A perfect race?

I would have liked to be able to run at least a couple of minutes faster (30 sec/km), but I still think this was my first perfect race in a few years: I won half the split times and was within 2-3 seconds on most of the rest. :-)

I won the first split by 15 seconds in front of my old friend Per Kr Ekeberg and kept that lead all the way to the finish. It looks like Per Kr's running form was better than mine, he beat me by 3 sec up to #2 and another 6 seconds on the long leg to #3.

I ran fast down the hill to #4, then I stopped to read the map carefully when I passed the ski track (shown as a yellow line on the map) before #5 and lost 3 sec to the best split.

From this point I had very good flow on all the shorter legs up to #11, winning all of them.

Per Kr grabbed back 14 sec on the running leg to #12 and one more sec up the hill to #13.

I won the short climb to #14 clearly even though I walked most of it.

No mistakes to #15 but I got stuck among some rocks & juniper bushes and lost 15 sec.

I had second-best splits to both the two final controls and the finish.
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Sommarløpet i Rauland (18/08/2018) Sommarløpet i Rauland (18/08/2018)