Geoform Rankingløp 11 (15/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.64 km
Time: 43:39
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 173
Very close to perfect orienteering, pretty awful running shape:

I tried to tell myself that my bad form at Night Hawk was just me having a bad day, so I jogged up the 100 m elevation to the start and ran (slowly!) up the 50 m to control #1.

I tried to run to #2 & #3 as well, and hit them perfectly, but by this time I was totally wasted, my legs were shaky and I had problems running in the flat and downhill parts for the rest of the course.

I lost 10-15s inside the circle on #4 because I couldn't find the flag, it was probably located about 20m NW from the center of the circle.

Very nice route and good (if slow) execution to #6, then I'm pretty sure I found the best routes to #7 & #8 as well.

Mostly running to #9, contouring to #10 and then I aimed right to the last control in order to locate the line of cliffs.

I am very happy with my direction running today, I managed to run as intended to #1, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8.
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Geoform Rankingløp 11 (15/08/2018) Geoform Rankingløp 11 (15/08/2018)