Night Hawk Masters 2 leg (11/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Konnerud
Distance: 6.01 km
Time: 48:35
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 184
First race since Skjærgårdscupen, as usual my running form take a bad dive at the end of summer, most probably due to a seasonal pollen issue.

All the men started together so the tempo uphill to the start triangle was too high, but except for changing my mind and taking the direct route into control 1A (I would almost certainly have been faster around on the ski track) I kep everything together until I hit the control circle on #2 where I had trouble reading my exact location. Lost 30+ seconds here.

Halfway to #3 Bjørn Hauge who ran the longest forking in my team passed me going up the hillside.

My other team mate Helge Stubberud caught up to me on #3 by taking the path up the hill and entering the control from the south, I had spent too much time in the green and steep hillsides.

Helge, by returning the way he came into the control, got a small gap towards #4, I caught up and passed him just before the control, then we ran together to #5 where I thought going direct between the cliffs and rocks was too dangerous in a night race.

I did #6 exactly as intended, running through the saddle point beneath the cliff after crossing the path. Around this point it became very obvious that I should have made a proper toilet visit before the race, so now I had to turn back a few meter and take care of business.

I ran OK to #7 but pressed too hard to #8, so when I didn't see the path junction I left the path too late and just missed seeing the control. I lost ~45 sec here.

#9 was the last real control, I hesitated a bit while crossing the second track because I had not seen any of the north-south paths, but used the contours to lead me in.

On the final run-in I passed Helge by a couple of seconds, while Bjørn passed me so that all three of us finished within 4 seconds!
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Night Hawk Masters 2 leg (11/08/2018) Night Hawk Masters 2 leg (11/08/2018)