WMOC H60A final (08/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: København
Distance: 3.24 km
Time: 16:28
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 176
Significantly better than the qualification but some hesitation and one course setter trap that I ran straight into:

1) I had seen previous runners go left from the start triangle so I did the same before I discovered that this was a detour. Saw a path straight up the hill but it was blocked by the fence on top so I had to run around. This was probably 15-20 seconds slower judged from those who have posted to O-tracks.dk

2) was OK, then I hesitated a second or two before decided on the best route to #3. While running to this control I decided to reverse and take the right-hand route to #4. I still don't know if this was the best option.

#5-#11 were all more or less OK.

#12 was interesting: The only way to cross the bridge on the west side was by turning back towards #10 and go around that building, then you could avoid all the stairs and stay on the main road and enter the control from the north. It will be interesting to see if this was faster or slower than the route I took!

#13 was another real route choice, maybe I should have gone north instead? As my track shows I hesitated a few seconds before finally deciding.

The leg from 14 to 15 was the last route choice and the only real trap which I ran straight into. :-(

I lost 22-24 s to the trap plus the time it took to run over the two bridges, I believe the right-hand route is a bit shorter.

I was #23 in the end, this could have been #13 without the error on #15, but the podium was way out of reach even with a perfect run.
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WMOC H60A final (08/07/2018) WMOC H60A final (08/07/2018)