Gränsjakten 2 H60 (01/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Distance: 6.15 km
Time: 48:43
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 174
Started first in the second day chase start so my plan was to open as hard as I could while not making any serious mistakes.

My route to #1 must have been OK, I was exactly one minute ahead of the second-best split here and had nearly doubled my lead.

I gained another 19 s to #2 and 13 to #3, then I decided to play it very safe to #4, retracing my runnable route around the worst bush up towards #1 before I got up on the main hill. I messed up a little near the end when I (as usual?) tried to read the contours into the control instead of keeping to my course. Lost 30+ s but only 3 s to the best split.

I hit #5 nicely and increased my lead by half a minute, then I found a near-optimal route to #6.

#7 was OK except that the map of the control reeentrant is simply wrong: It does not point out towards NE, instead it is a meter-deep depression on top of the hill, pointing along the ridge. Lost 10-15 s due to this.

The disaster to #8 started with a parallel error, when I hit the path I though I was 80 m further NW and then I turned east to find the opening between the green stripes (bad slash) and regular green but this lead me directly into the densest planted spruce I've had the misfortune to cross lately. I realized it while on that middle green ridge but it took me a while to get back to my planned route. I lost 46 s to Per Kr, so probably 1-2 min in total.

Good flow to #9 and an optimal route to #10 where I was more than 1.5 minutes faster than the rest.

Won today's race by over 5 minutes and the combined event by 8, now I just need to stay in shape for a couple more weeks!
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Gränsjakten 2 H60 (01/07/2018) Gränsjakten 2 H60 (01/07/2018)