Gränsjakten 1 H60 (30/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Distance: 3.67 km
Time: 27:29
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 171
Very high levels of grass pollen and dust on the event field made it much harder to breathe properly today, so my running speed suffered compared to Wednesday's race.

I still won the first split and ran OK to #2.

To #3 I started by passing the bug cairn but then I failed to find the best route through the saddle and started to deviate while looking for a more open area. I should have been further east instead, this led to lots of open slab running where I suffered in the hillside heather.

I lost 47 sec to Per Kr Ekeberg on this split and dropped down to third place in the race.

Winning the split to #4 lifted me back to second place but I was still 22 s behind.

I thought I ran well to #5 & 6 but Per Kr won both splits and doubled his lead to 44 s.

My route to #7 was OK, now I was just 13 s behind.

#8 was my next split win allowing me to regain the lead which I kept to the end. Per Kr made a bad mistake here, probably among all the cliffs and ridges. This dropped him down to 3rd place after Tor Ragnar Andersen who finished 2nd.

I won two of the 5 remaining splits and ended up with a 1:41 lead before tomorrow's chasing start.
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Gränsjakten 1 H60 (30/06/2018) Gränsjakten 1 H60 (30/06/2018)