OBIK P15 (21/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Krigsskolen
Distance: 5.05 km
Time: 42:35
Average HR: 136
Maximum HR: 153
Didn't know if I should run this race or not, since O-Festivalen starts tomorrow with three races in three days, but I decided to take this as a relaxed run, walking in all the steeper hills and never hitting the higher heart rates.

I hesitated a bit towards #1 but hit it OK and won the split anyway.

To #2 I've seen that Knut Helland in H55 ran flat through the slabs and semi-open while I jogged/walked up the path and then contoured into the control. He did beat me by 23 sec this way.

To #3 Knut, Richard Zeiner-Gundersen and myself were within 3 seconds, with RIchard winning the split.

The disaster happened to #4: Control 3 was marked in the south end of the marsh but was in reality closer to the center, then I took a compass bearing to the path junction but veered a bit too far north. When I then hit the left-hand path I immediately decided that I was too far right, i.e. directly under the line, and decided to keep on going straight. :-(

I finally recovered on the boulder/dot knoll far too the north but lost at least 4.5 minutes here!

At this point I was a bit angry and ran fast to #5, then I walked up the hillside and managed to hit #6 absolutely spot on, hitting the top of the cliff exactly above the flag so I decided to carefully jump down the 2m drop instead of running around one of the ends.

From this point I just tried to be careful in the downhills and ran OK except for the route to the last control where I ended up on an unmapped path down through the green. It would have been faster to climb out of the reentrant to the NE and take the main paths downhill.

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OBIK P15 (21/06/2018) OBIK P15 (21/06/2018)