Rankingløp 9 (20/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solbergvann
Organiser: Geoform
Distance: 4.2 km
Time: 29:55
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 170
Very nearly perfect, and much better running shape:

Used paths where possible to the first 5 controls, otherwise very good direction running.

On #6 I intentionally aimed a little bit to the right to hit the reentrant, this was lucky because the flag was probably placed 10-15 m south of the control circle center.

The contour drawing on #7 is probably wrong, there are three instead of two reentrants and the flag was placed in the middle (unmapped) one but I didn't even hesitate when I didn't see it in the first, just after the cliff & dot knoll.

Mostly just running to #8, the final opening between the cliffs up to the control was somewhat hard to spot due to a few windfalls.

Very good to #9, I took an unmapped MTB trail instead of the ride for the final part of the climb in the middle. Up to this point we shared our course with the Long/6 km.

#10 was the only time loss, I failed to spot the flag hanginge alongside a birch tree, stopped just past the boulder and turned back. Probably 15 sec?

Very good flow using paths, contours and boulders to #11. At this point we rejoined the Long course.

I ran very well to the last control but it is possible that a route which follows the first ridge over the middle hill and then jumps down between the cliffs is faster than it seems from the map. BTW, this flag was possibly located a little bit (10m?) too far north, i.e. it turned up before I expected it.

Less than 30 min on a 3.9 km course means an average speed of 7:40 min/km, this doesn't happen too often this year. :-)
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Rankingløp 9 (20/06/2018) Rankingløp 9 (20/06/2018)