OBIK P13 (14/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lutvann
Distance: 4.88 km
Time: 42:33
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 162
First rain in a month made all the slabs, rocks and cliffs extremely slippery, particularly for me who prefer Inov-8 X-Talon 200 without spikes.

Since I also had to run with monocular vision, with a single +3.5 contact lens in my right eye both running and orienteering took a bit more time & effort than my previous events this last month.

That said, I managed pretty close to perfect orienteering here, the first 8 controls had good routes and no hesitation.

On #9 I first considered going straight but when I realized how hilly (and slippery) the knolls would be I took the path around, this was probably the best option today.

I took the wrong path south towards #10, I had intended to take the one by the pond, but this didn't cost me any extra time.

I think the route to #11 was OK even if the vegetation was partly quite dense, the bottom surface in the ravines was quite runnable.

I changed my mind twice towards #14: First I considered going directly left, but then I decided to attack from the marsh NW of the circle. When I approached the big path halfway I instead cut across to the left since this was the flattest route, and with no slabs.

Down to #15 I realized that I could just follow the flat reentrant almost all the way.

The last control was also possible to miss, so I was careful to note the cliffs and boulder when I passed the last ridge and hit it spot on.

EDIT: According to the split times which finally arrived (the organizer had some extra trouble due to another race in the same terrain which used an overlapping set of control codes and also reused some of the control details) nobody else on my course managed to avoid mistakes.

I won every single split time except for the final run-in, and the course by over 11 minutes!
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OBIK P13 (14/06/2018) OBIK P13 (14/06/2018)