Varteig Nær-O-løp (10/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sildevika
Distance: 5.91 km
Time: 47:34
Very good race in a difficult area, won my class by 11 (!) minutes and beat most of the younger guys running the same course.

I was lucky to #1, I didn't have a clear plan just tried to stay very close to the line, when I hit the control I thought I had another 70m to go! It would have been much safer to aim slightly right/higher and touch the edge of the hilltop.

OK to #2 & #3.

Very good indeed to #4, won this split by 2 minutes. The indistinct path shown 150-200 m before the control is actively used so it was visible both before and after the patch shown on the map.

Very good to #5 as well, but here I had an advantage since I have run parts of this leg on one of Egil Iversen's summer events.

Good flow to #6, very good aim since I had the sun almost directly behind me.

I didn't really consider going left to #7 although that would have saved a lot of climb, but I won this split very clearly.

The leg to #8 was directly across all the north-south features which defines this area, so I tried to keep good direction while looking for the best micro-routes. This caused me to end up slightly further north than I had hoped for but didn't cause me any hesitation, and I was a minute faster than the rest.

OK to #9, the field had already been cut but I stayed at the very edge anyway.

#10 was my one big mistake: Halfway through the stretch from the road I spotted the double cliffs to the left and estimated that I was very close to the line, but my track shows that I turned too far right at this point and then I spotted a cliff underneath a knoll and guessed this was the control. When that was wrong my first idea was that I had bypassed the control and ended up underneath the next cliff below the control, so I climbed back up before I realized my error. Total time loss, including 10 sec to tie a shoe lace, was about a minute.

I ran well to #11 except for a 5 sec loss in the middle of the circle because I though the control was underneath the cliff instead of 3-4 m above in the reentrant.

I hit #12 perfectly and thought this was the end of the forest orienteering, but then I saw that #13 was all the way up on the highest hilltop in the area. I could have entered the circle from the east side but otherwise OK.

The rest was path/road running, including #15 inside Egil's front yard.
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Varteig Nær-O-løp (10/06/2018) Varteig Nær-O-løp (10/06/2018)