KM Middle H60 (09/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slengfehøgda
Distance: 4.08 km
Time: 33:32
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 177
Nils Hæstad who has beaten me in most events this year started early today and came in and told of "a 10 min mistake on one control", so I realized that safe orienteering would be key.

I intentionally aimed a little bit low to #1 but hit the cliff which was about 20m lower than intended. I still won the split in H60 but several H55 runners (who shared our course today) ran faster, so I probably lost 5-10 s.

OK to #2, easy contour running up along the hillside.

I aimed above the control to #3, here I also hit a bit further away than optimal and was beaten by Morten Due.

Strong running with good control up the hill to #5, used the block/boulder combo as my attack point.

I saw that #6 was higher up than #5, so I started by climbing a couple of contours, but this led me through some quite dense forest with rocky ground, lost 18 s to Nils here.

Thinking safety first I aimed for the yellow open and the marsh above #7, but I had misread my control descriptions thinking this was #8, the boulder cluster, so I hesitated quite a bit while looking for those boulders. I lost nearly a minute here to Nils.

The main problem was that when I left #7 I was still reading 8 and aimed for #9, I understood this after about 100m of climbing and cut sharply back (without actually checking my compass) to find the path. If I had done this correctly and found the path bend as my attack point I would not have lost more than 15-30 seconds, but now I overshot the path and had to recover down by the ditch. Total time loss was 2:45!

Good running to #9, I aimed for the marsh just above the cliffs and hit that perfectly.

Contoured to #10.

Ran a compass course to #11 to be safe but hit the densest vegetation and the cliff, it would have been faster to run straight down to the path bend, then in white forest to the control. I still won the split.

Looking for a good path through the dense planted spruce I ended up too high towards #12, but still only 2 s behind Richard Zeiner-Gundersen.

A couple of H55 runners had been around me since #10, now I tried to beat them to the finish and ran quite fast to the remaining controls, winning all the splits.

With a slightly better race I should have hit 30 something instead of 33:31, but it was still fast enough to win my class. Bjørnar Gammelsæter managed 28:58 in H55 so I would have been a minute behind him even with a near-perfect race.
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KM Middle H60 (09/06/2018) KM Middle H60 (09/06/2018)